Common Questions

  • What is the "Clipboard"? The clipboard is a holding space for text, that can be shared between different apps. This, for instance, allows you to copy some Upsidedown Text and post it to your Facebook using another application. Also, for users who have not yet updated their iPhone to iOS4, it is necessary to paste your copied text into the SMS application, rather than using in-app SMS, which is a feature of iOS4.
  • How do I paste from the Clipboard? Once text has been copied to the Clipboard, simply tap in the text-field you wish to paste into, wait a moment, and tap again. A little popup will appear with "Paste" as an option. Click this and the text will be entered into the field.
    » YouTube video explaining copy/paste
  • AT&T to Verizon (and vice versa)? Unfortunately, the SMS (texting) link between Verizon and AT&T does not support the advanced characters that move Text Pics require. Because of this, it is not possible to send Text Pics between these two networks. AT&T people and send to other AT&T people, and Verzion can send to Verizon only. Some Text Pics do work, but only about 30%. We recommend contacting your network and asking them to support "Unicode" texting between the networks.
  • Who can I send TextPics to? Most TextPics can only be sent to your friends with iPhones, however Japanese Emotes, Symbols, and Upsidedown Text can be posted to Facebook, Twitter, and emails. Standard emotes can be sent to any phone on any network.
  • Why can I mostly only send to iPhones? The reason TextPics is possible is because every iPhone uses the exact same font in the texting application. Every other phone type on the market uses differents font, and so would display the text pic completely different. There simply is no way around this fact, but luckily a whole lot of people have iPhones!
  • You mentioned Facebook. How do I post it? We will be adding a full Facebook integration very soon! For now, you can Copy to Clipboard, and then paste into your favorite Facebook posting app.
  • I have an iPod and can not text! What do I do? TextPics is primarily a texting (SMS) application. However, those of you with iPod Touches are not completely out of luck. There are many apps on the AppStore that can give you texting capabilities. You will need to use the Copy To Clipboard feature of TextPics, but you can still send all the TextPics to your friends with iPhones at that point!
  • Will you be adding more TextPics in the future! We sure will! We plan on adding many more TextPics, both created by us, and you, the community, using the Create and Contribute function.
  • What is the Contribution Agreement, when sending TextPics to the server in the "Create" section? By submitting your content to our servers, you release all rights and ownership to the content created. TextPics, and the parent company, FTW Innovations, is granted full usage to this content in future updates to the TextPics iPhone application, or any other product.
  • I love this app! What can I do to help? First off, click here and leave us a nice little review (positive and 5 star would be nice)!! Otherwise, contribute contribute contribute. Your contributions are what drive our updates! And if you have any problems, please let us know below, and we'll do what we can to help.
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